Don't Let Menopause Affect Your Sex Life: Try MonaLisa Touch®

Jan 11, 2023
Don't Let Menopause Affect Your Sex Life: Try MonaLisa Touch®
Menopause can coincide with a time of great freedom in your life. Sometimes, the physical effects of changing hormone levels can interfere with some of the enjoyable aspects of living, like your sex life. MonaLisa Touch® may be able to help.

Your kids are grown, and on their own, your career is secure, and retirement may be a decade or less in your future. There’s plenty that’s good about the time of life that typically surrounds menopause. However, you’re likely aware that menopause means more than simply the end of pregnancy and a few hot flashes. 

Every woman has a different experience through the post-reproductive stage of their life, and it’s impossible to predict what to expect from the hormonal changes of menopause. Sometimes, lower estrogen levels can cause changes to the walls of the vagina and tissue in the genital area. These changes could harm your sex life. 

Joshua R. Gonzalez, MD recommends the MonaLisa Touch® CO2 fractional laser system to address the effects of postmenopausal tissue change that interferes with intercourse and your enjoyment of intimacy. With a simple series of minimally invasive, painless treatments, you’ll enjoy restored vaginal elasticity and the return of naturally produced lubrication. 

Vaginal atrophy

Lower levels of natural estrogen in your body can cause thin, dry, and inflamed vaginal walls. It’s a common after effect of menopause, like other symptoms, its occurrence and severity vary widely between women. 

As you’d expect, these changing conditions in the vagina affect your sexual response. Activities from which you’ve always found pleasure could now be uncomfortable and even painful. Vaginal tissue is now drier and more sensitive. You may notice light bleeding after intercourse, and your body doesn’t respond to arousal the way it has. The vaginal canal may seem shorter and tighter and responsive to sexual activity. 

Along with these vaginal effects, you may also notice changes to your urinary system, such as urge incontinence and discomfort when you urinate. Vaginal atrophy is often called the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) when you experience some of these sexual and urinary symptoms. 

MonaLisa Touch

Like your skin, the surface of the vaginal walls gains support from deeper layers of tissue that feature collagen and elastin, substances that keep the vagina youthful and responsive. These tissues tend to fade slowly with age before the decline in estrogen at menopause when the process speeds up in some women. 

Your body, however, retains the ability to produce new tissue in response to an injury. The MonaLisa Touch system uses laser energy to simulate tissue micro-injuries through gentle warming, stimulating the production of new collagen, elastin, and blood vessels. 

Over a series of three treatments, four to six weeks apart, the mucosal tissue of the vaginal walls becomes fuller and more elastic and better able to produce the naturally moist conditions you once enjoyed. Sex becomes comfortable and enjoyable once again, and urinary issues ease up. Results appear soon after your first treatment and continue in the coming weeks and months. Annual maintenance treatments extend the benefits for years. 

Find out more about the benefits of MonaLisa Touch in consultation with Dr. Gonzalez and his team. You can reach the office by phone or through the online booking tool on this page. Don’t accept the changes of menopause as inevitable or untreatable. Schedule your visit today.