Pelvic/Sexual Pain

Addressing Chronic Pelvic and Sexual Pain

Treatment for Sexual Pain

SCROTAL OR TESTICULAR PAIN. Pain in the scrotum and/or testicles is a common complaint among men of all ages. Often when no obvious source of pain can be identified, men are left with few options to address their discomfort. A common cause of testicular and scrotal pain is underlying pelvic muscle dysfunction, which can interfere with normal everyday physical and sexual activity. Dysfunction of the pelvic floor is not something that is readily uncovered with traditional diagnostic testing but can be properly diagnosed in the hands of a sexual health specialist like Dr. Joshua Gonzalez. 

PAINFUL INTERCOURSE. For some, intercourse can be a painful experience. This pain can result from pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, prior trauma or injury to the genitals, Peyronie’s disease, and/or prostatic inflammation or infection. Properly diagnosing the source of the pain is key to treating the issue. Often a variety of treatment options must be employed to help address sexual pain so seeking out a sexual health specialist to help navigate these options is crucial.

Understanding Chronic Pelvic Pain

Many people experience chronic pelvic pain. This causes frustration due to the lack of answers to address this condition. The lack of knowledge and results surrounding this condition causes symptoms ranging from annoying to debilitating. We understand that although the cause of your pelvic pain has not been easily pinpointed, your pain is real. It is not just in your head/ Pelvic pain is complex but there are solutions. Your relief is just a phone call away!

Pelvic Pain

Our Advanced Technology

Electrohydraulic shockwave therapy using SoftWave® technology offers a state-of-the-art approach to the treatment of Chronic Pelvic and Sexual Pain. Ongoing research from around the world continues to support its effectiveness in helping patients suffering from chronic pain. Whether your pain started recently or has been present for years, SoftWave® treatment offers the relief you’ve been missing.

Our Advanced Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Treatments Are Performed?

Electrohydraulic shockwave therapy using SoftWave® technology, unlike other devices out there, is non-invasive and painless. Treatment involves application of gel to the area being treated before delivering the therapeutic energy. No anesthesia or numbing medication is required.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The number of treatments needed varies based on the indication but most patients require 4-6 treatments. Each treatment is approximately 20 minutes. Some patients opt to return for additional treatments weeks to months after their initial treatment course.

What Types Of Results Are Expected?

Improvement can often occur after only 1-2 treatment sessions but the real benefit typically takes a few weeks. In clinical data, SoftWave® technology has a high success rate at helping alleviate pain.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Electrohydraulic shockwave therapy using SoftWave® technology has virtually no side effects, a feat almost unheard of in the field of medicine. Patients can return to work and regular activity immediately after treatment with no downtime.

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About Us

Joshua Gonzalez, MD, is a board-certified urologist who is fellowship-trained in Sexual Medicine and specializes in the management of male and female sexual dysfunctions.

These include issues surrounding hormone deficiency, menopause, sexual arousal, orgasm, ejaculation, libido/desire, sexual pain, penile curvature, and erectile function. Dr. Gonzalez also treats a variety of common urological conditions including benign prostatic disease, voiding dysfunction, and male infertility.

Throughout his career, Dr. Gonzalez has focused on advocating for sexual health and providing improved healthcare to the LGBTQ community.

Joshua Gonzalez, MD